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Tayside & Fife Regional Coaching, Officiating and Volunteering Awards

If you wish to nominate a coach, official or volunteer in your area for an award please click here for the nomination form.

Closing date 30th August 2013.

Coaching Introduction

Coaching in Tayside & Fife

Derek Welch is the Club/Coach Development Manager with SportTayside & Fife. He is responsible for the overall management, co-ordination and effective implementation of the action plans aligned to club, coach, education and training development. He also supports and assists the work carried out by the sports specific managers to increase the quality and quantity of coaches, strengthening the club infrastructure for their specific sport. The partnership working to develop clubs and coaches will contribute significantly towards achieving two of the headline targets for Sports Partnerships which are: To increase the number and improve the performance of children and young people participating in sport.

Role of Club/Coach Development Manager

The effective integration of national priorities is crucial to the development of coaches and clubs in Tayside and Fife. In conjunction with the sports specific managers, he
will co-ordinate local and regional club/coach development ensuring local sports strategies, Sport21, UKCC (United Kingdom Coaching Certificate) and other programmes delivered across Tayside and Fife.

Derek will continue to represent the Tayside and Fife partnership on sportscotland’s National Coaching Network, ensuring effective communication systems are implemented at local, regional and national levels. The development of education and training opportunities through various development groups will assist partners to develop coach and education pathways between local participation, active schools and sports clubs in the area.

CoachingTayside & Fife

CoachingTayside & Fife is a professional officers group led by the Club/Coaching Development Manager and aims to increase the quality and quantity of coaches and volunteers throughout Tayside & Fife. The Group has strived to support the best possible solutions to increase knowledge and skill base of coaches, officials and volunteers in the area.

Regional Player Improvement Programme

In conjunction with the Scholarship initiative, a programme of professional development will be implemented. This will provide Regional Player Improvement Programme coaches in Tayside and Fife with:

• Motivation
• Support for them to meet challenges ahead
• Learning opportunities
• A quality learning/educational experience

The Sports partnership is committed to the following priority areas of development drawn from a wide range of activities that contribute to the development of coaches:

• An integration of Governing Body/SCUK/Generic nationally recognised coaching qualifications.
• The production of high quality teaching and learning materials for academy coaches.
• The development of an educational pathway designed for the individual needs of coaches and their designated sport.
• The development of SportTayside & Fife Continuous Professional Development (CPD) accredited course material and workshops.


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