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To strengthen the infrastructure of sport in Tayside & Fife, to bring sustainable increases in participation and performance for our developing athletes.


Hockey Coach Education

Coach Education

The Hockey Development Manager works closely with clubs, Midland Hockey Union and local Development Groups in the identification, recruitment, support and development of willing volunteers into quality coaches and umpires in Tayside & Fife. In addition, she works in partnership with the SportTayside & Fife Club / Coach Development Manager, to produce a comprehensive programme of training opportunities and support for those with the desire to develop through the Scholarship Programme.

Hockey Coach Awards Available

Leaders Course is a 6 hour introduction to the basic skills in hockey and is targeted at volunteers, senior pupils, parents and teachers to increase their knowledge of the skills in hockey. It is approx £30 per person to attend and minimum age is14 years old.

UKCC Level I Course is an assistant coaching award and minimum age is 16 years old. It is 2 and a half days and introduces theoretical areas of coaching and technical elements such as passing, receiving and elimination skills. Current cost is approx £130.

UKCC Level 2 Course is a Club Coach award. It is approximately 4 days and increases the depth of knowledge of the skills and introduces the tactical topics such as attacking, defending and set pieces. Minimum age is 18 years old and cost is approx £350 non residential.

UKCC Level 3 Course is a Head Coach award. It is currently delivered in conjunction with England Hockey and Welsh Hockey Union once a year. It involves attending a weekend course, 6 modules on various tactical areas and collating information and session planning over a season.

Hockey Umpire Awards Available

The Youth Umpire Award aims to provide young people new to umpiring with an opportunity to develop a better understanding of the role and techniques of the umpire and the Rules of Hockey. It is available at £3 per head to all registered schools and clubs, non-registered schools and clubs will have an additional registration fee of £20 for the course and £3 per head. Anyone from 12 to 18 years old, who has a basic knowledge of hockey will learn from completing the award.

'C' Badge is the introductory qualification and consists of attending a 'craft night' where you will learn about the practical elements of umpiring. The written test paper, which you should have completed using a rule book and brought with you, will be discussed. If you pass the written paper you must then set up a full game to complete your practical umpiring test.
'B' Badge is the next step. You have to hold a valid theory test paper and go through 2 practical tests with a panel of testers. These should be tested at district, regional or lower national league games.
'A' badge can only be applied for if you have held a 'B' Badge for 1 year and made a commitment to umpiring. In order to receive an 'A' Badge you have to complete 3 successful tests at a suitable standard and this may be at U16 and U18 International level.

If you are interested in attending or hosting any of these courses please contact the Hockey Development Manager on 01382 431852. All upcoming courses will appear in the Events & Results section of this website.